Demo 2015

by Crooked Society

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released September 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Crooked Society Newark, Delaware

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Track Name: Incarcerated
Undermine anything, undermine anyone. Without the right frame of thought. One nation under God. Caste system fed by the weak. The bottom stay bottom, the top to the top. Incarcerated by what was taught.

An engine fueled by the labor of many. All for the few. All for one, thats not fucking true.

One nation under God is not a nation at all. It's something to weak, the foundation of that thought is flawed.

Narrow minded, to blind to see. Branded by injustice.
Track Name: Scum of the Earth
Scum of the earth.
Holding grudges til they fucking break me. The darkness im trapped behind, harness attached at the spine.
Break free and paralyze.

Pulled under by the God below. The reapers throne. Fire engulfs with his blade at my throat. The dark below.

Black out my mind and consume everything. Been blinded. Rage, frustration, I'm cursed. I am the scum of the earth

The bars I locked myself behind, were my sickest thoughts design.The bars I trapped myself behind, were my sickest thoughts design. Break free paralyze.
Track Name: Scare Tactics
The main source of terror goes unseen, while the threat remains. Crooked society, corruption makes this go unchanged. Chained to the world of authority. Race wars, this terrible reality.

Era of insurrection, all this foul play. Crushed by color, a war unreasonably made.

National unrest in the land of lost. Authoritarian at all cost. Oppression, Marshall Law.

Something comes from nothing, propaganda runs rampant, fear in our homes, it's scare tactics.

Endless war, that can never be won. Harshest of worlds, when the enemy is our own.
Track Name: Fracture
Disrupting the brain, intruding the heart. I've broken all the pieces, there's no restart. Cutting the stitches before they're set. There's nothing to mend

I fractured my mind.
Destroying your heart.
I'll take your world
Rip it apart

Damage done, anger released. As smoke clears, I see.
Damage is done, angers released. As the dust settles, I clearly see.

I tore your heart from your chest so many times, now all that's there are the scars I left inside.