Power Displacement

by Crooked Society

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released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Crooked Society Newark, Delaware

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Track Name: Enter The Pain
You're a product of what fear has created. 
A fear of this life, built a love for hate. 
Enter the pain.

In your face I grasp your sense of fear. This is pain, your hate became to real
Track Name: Scare Tactics
The main source of terror goes unseen, while the threat remains. Crooked society, corruption makes this go unchanged. Chained to the world of authority. Race wars, this terrible reality.

Era of insurrection, all this foul play. Crushed by color, a war unreasonably made.

National unrest in the land of lost. Authoritarian at all cost. Oppression, Marshall Law.

Something comes from nothing, propaganda runs rampant, fear in our homes, scare tactics.
Track Name: Power Displacement
You'll say what the stupidest people wouldn't say. Feeble mind, they follow it anyway. 
You're what we've been fighting against for so long. Our world, took a fucking dive bomb. Power displacement. Power of the fucking weak.

The home of the free, stuck on gender roles. The land of the brave, still fears what they don't know. False perception of what we're supposed to be. Power displacement. Power of the fucking weak. 
Track Name: Point Of Hate
Pull the noose tighter around my neck. You know you're bringing me to my time of death. Pushing me to the point of hatred, hatred of you, hatred of myself. 

Apathetic love shattered my every step. I'll keep trying to hold my head. I'll always be there, was your statement of contempt. 

Reverting back to a person I never knew. Finding solace in people who crushed you. Let us see how long that lasts. Save your face, I've seen that Devils mask

Lie to my face continue to lie to yourself. 
I know that mask you hide behind all to well. Pushed to the point of hatred.
Track Name: Wretched (Ft. Aaron Of Guttersnipe)
See through the shadow cast. The criminalistic mind. Dishonor the way of life we seem to hold as a prize.

Cold steel lacerating the necks
Bleeding out the fuckin freedoms that you swore to protect
Corrupted fraternal order of control
Slashes at the womb of societies soul.
Now you bury us deeper and deeper
Brothers keepers are societal reapers

Law abiding or something improvised, decaying future of mankind.

Cast aside choices they've devised. Excuses for the shit they hide. Unfair in the humanity claimed. We went again our own fight

Wretched. Strife. Wretched. Life.

This is their world we're just along for the ride. Prisoners of a life by their design